Keynote Speaker

Bryan Gildenberg

Chief Knowledge Officer

Kantar Retail

For inquiries, please contact John Brunner at

Bryan oversees Kantar Retail’s research programs and publications. He has worked as lead researcher for multiple retailers and channels, focusing on key US and global operators, and is a thought leader and speaker covering emerging trends in global mass retailing.

Mark Stamps

Sales Director


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With 20 years of retail experience, Mark began his career leading merchandising systems development for both Walmart and Sam’s Club. He then moved to Procter & Gamble – delivering sales fundamentals across multiple retailers, channels and product categories. Mark most recently led the Global ecommerce team at P&G, and is now responsible for the Sam’s Club sales team at Wrigley.

Sara Spivey & David Moon


Sara Spivey & David Moon: For inquiries, please contact Bazzarvoice at

Bazaarvoice is the world’s largest network of active shoppers, connecting more than one-half billion consumers to thousands of retailers and brands that represent tens of millions of products and services. Online, in-store, and on mobile devices, Bazaarvoice’s technology platform engages consumers, increases sales, and protects loyalty through authentic ratings and reviews, Q&A, and brand-relevant photos, videos, and social posts. Interactions across the Bazaarvoice network yield insights on past, present, and future shopping behavior, enabling marketers to identify competitive advantage. More Information Here, Check out the Blog, and follow on Twitter.

Dave Feinleib

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Content Analytics

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Dave brings extensive entrepreneurial and operating experience to Content Analytics, founding four prior technology startups: Likewise Software (acquired by EMC), Centeris Corporation, Consera Software, and OnDevice Corp. (acquired by Keynote Systems). Before his entrepreneurial career, Dave was hired by and was the youngest employee at Microsoft. At Microsoft, Dave managed the Out of Box Experience team for Windows and worked on television and internet access services.

Jon Brooks

Director, Partner Development


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Jon is responsible for leading the operation and implementation of multi-channel e-commerce strategies that increase paid and organic traffic. His teams have generated one billion dollars in additional online sales through optimal product and media merchandising by bringing the in-store emotional shopping experience online.

Eric Howerton

Chief Executive Officer


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Eric has over 18 years of experience in digital marketing, advertising and publishing – implementing strategy and execution for e-commerce search engine and content marketing. Eric oversees WhyteSpyder’s Walmart and Sam’s Club product detail page optimization and enhancement program that helps suppliers and their agencies increase sales online and in-store.